About Us

About Miss Ink

Founded by Misty Buck in January 2008, Miss Ink, LLC is a boutique social media marketing firm that helps businesses maximize their online visibility through tactics that are based on strategy and results. We fuse creativity with intellect, technology with strategy, and visibility with engagement. 

Believe it or not, Miss Ink’s first company website was a MySpace page. We recognized the power and popularity of social media right from the get-go and since those humble beginnings we have grown to work with truly incredible companies in Miami and throughout the nation.

We take pride in representing each of our clients as if it were our own business. Our commitment to telling the story of your company’s passion is the key to our success. To quote the 80’s Vidal Sassoon commercials, “if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Why Choose Us

The truth is that your clients are using social media whether you are or not and they are probably talking about your company or the services/products you offer. There are enormous opportunities for businesses to increase visibility and in turn, generate action. Some of the benefits of working with Miss Ink include:

  • Tell your story with a voice that represents your unique message.
  • Increase visibility to prospects and be top of mind in your niche.
  • Solidify your brand in the minds of customers and prospects through actively engaging them—they’ll keep coming back to you!
  • Gain recognition as an industry expert.
  • Separate your company from others in your industry.
  • Manage your online reputation by monitoring and responding to comments.
  • Have fresh website content that follows SEO strategies as well as reader-friendly best practices.

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